WARREN-PINK CO.                   1928-1951
By Tom Lamond ©
    The popularity and increased demand for SAGER axes manufactured in Warren, Pennsylvania by the Warren Axe & Tool Co. led to the company building a manufacturing facility in St. Catharines, Ontario in 1912. By 1913 the operation was fully functional. The Canadian company was called the Canadian-Warren Axe & Tool Company, Limited. By that time the general manager and treasurer of the Warren Axe & Tool Co. located in Warren, Pennsylvania, was a man named Herbert P. Stone. Stone apparently became president of the Warren Axe & Tool Co. and was then in a position to determine how the company was being run. He was instrumental in acquiring the Ridgway Axe Co. of Ridgway, Pennsylvania in 1912. The equipment from that manufactory was relocated to St. Catharines, Ontario where a new axe and tool manufactory was being constructed.  That manufactory belonged to the Canadian-Warren Axe & Tool Co., Ltd. and Herbert P. Stone was also the president of the Canadian operation. The Canadian-Warren Axe & Tool Co., Ltd. was legally independent of the American firm.
    In 1913 the Canadian operation expanded to include the manufacture of other logging tools. This was accomplished by merging with the Canadian Logging Tool Company, reputed to have been the largest producer of such tools in Canada. The Canadian Logging Tool Company was by then renowned for its product line called the "SOO" brand or “SOO-LINE”. The company name remained the Canadian-Warren Axe & Tool Company, Ltd. but the product line became quite similar to the axes and logging tools manufactured in Warren, Pennsylvania. The Warren Axe & Tool Company had already established itself as manufacturers of logging tools as a result of the Bull Dog Line of logging tools that they offered. The American firm made many brands of axes, the most popular of which were those manufactured under the famous Sager brand. The Canadian-Warren A. & T. Co. also manufactured a line of axes under that name. The labels as well as the axes were almost identical to those made in the U. S.
The St. Clair brand is believed to have been used on some Canadian-Warren Axe & Tool Co. axes made and marketed  in Canada.
Markings observed: Upper: on a chisel. Lower: on a sawyers wedge.
Label on left applied to some Canadian-Warren Axe & Tool Co. axes. The label changed somewhat (right facsimile) when Canadian-Warren Axe & Tool Co. merged with the Thomas Pink, Co. These labels are quite similar to the Sager labels applied to the Warren Axe & Tool Co.'s Sager axes made in the U.S. with the two most obvious differences being the company name and the coloring. Apparently the "Special Chemical Process" paper labels were discontinued in 1936 when the company was affected by the Great Depression.
Markings on left used on some hatchets and pick-axes. Marking on right used on some mattocks.