Labels used on Hammond broad axes and broad hatchets.
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    Charles Hammond originally operated under the name C. HAMMOND. He marked the tools that were made in his factory as C. HAMMOND'S until sometime around the turn of the century; perhaps until the teens. After that some tools were marked C. HAMMOND & SON, while some were identified as C. HAMMOND Brand. Quite possibly those marked C. HAMMOND'S were made before the company name was changed and the “& SON” was added..
    In addition to broad axes, boy’s axes and lighter weight utility axes, Hammond made a wide variety of hatchets. The company also made a variety of hammers and some other edge tools, including cleavers. Hammond is reputed to have made a patented cleaver dated 1869 but the specifics of the actual patent are unknown. Perhaps the date cited was erroneous or incorrect. Another possibility is that the patent was actually awarded to someone else and Hammond purchased it or otherwise became the actual manufacturer.
    References indicate that C. Hammond & Son operated a manufactory around 1917 in Ogontz, a suburb of Philadelphia. Earlier markings included Philadelphia as their location. The company was listed as being located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania around 1920. Other references used with the OGONTZ TOOL CO. brand included the location CHELTENHAM. The company also used a brand TACONY and TACONY WORKS for a second line of tools. Ogontz, Tacony and Cheltenham were all communities located comparatively close to Philadelphia. They all eventually became part of the city suburbs.
    Indications are that Hammond & Son also used the names TACONY WORKS and OGONTZ TOOL CO. on some of the tools they made. These identifiers were included in paper label form and/or as stampings. As noted, Ogontz and Tacony are area now within the city of Philadelphia. These names may have originally represented plant locations but later catalogs noted that the brands were represented second quality and were not warranted.
    In the 1920 edition of Thomas' Register the entry for C. Hammond & Son noted that they were located in Elkins Park, PA. That may have been only the business office address. How long the company lasted is not known.
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA                 1869-1914-
OGONTZ, PENNSYLVANIA                               1914-1920s
Labels used on Hammond hunter’s axes and boy’s axes.
Labels used on packing boxes and in advertisements and catalogs.
Stamped markings used on C. Hammond brand hatchets and hammers.
Stamping and handle label used on Mechanic’s Pride brand hammers and scout axe handle.
Stamped marking and labels used on Ogontz Tool Co. brand hatchets and hammers.
Labels and stamped markings used on Tacony Works brand hatchets and hammers.
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